The key to success at CO.M.P.ES. is our personnel, who are technically trained and ready to respond to the demanding needs of the modern extruder. Thus, allowing CO.M.P.ES. the capability of adapting to any request from the different European and World Markets, using resources such as; great flexibility, availability, and uniformity of treatment. Methods of communication such as; electronic mail, fax services, capillary customized transportation services, and multi-lingual staff; has allowed CO.M.P.ES. to eliminate all linguistic or geographical barriers.

Further complementing the growth of CO.M.P.ES. has been our flexible and dynamic sales network. Our technical personnel have first hand experience with all new products launched because of our physical presence worldwide. This allows us to collaborate with any extruder to help understand or evaluate different ideas.

From a technological view CO.M.P.E.S. s.p.a has always been a leader in modern die producers. CO.M.P.ES. s.p.a was the first company in 1995 to use complete three dimensional (3D) processing of the die and mandrel in Europe. CO.M.P.ES. s.p.a. was the first company to obtain double quality certification for ISO 9001, by two European quality certification bodies (SQS and DQS) in 1993. This was accomplished in the record time of only six months.

Studies and research undertaken with various university departments and the Polytechnic Institute of Engineering in Milan, have contributed greatly to the progression of the die. The control of flow inside the die, has led to the development of special software to aid in the design and production of the die.